'Sunrich ® - Van Gogh's Favorite'

A floral Van Gogh masterpiece in your own home

Be Inspired!

A floral Van Gogh masterpiece in your own home

Walk in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh and be inspired by our gorgeous sunflowers, just like the master artist...

"I have the sunflower, in a way," wrote Van Gogh to his brother. For this master artist and great nature lover, the sunflower with its majestic centre and summer-yellow petals was a major source of inspiration. Vincent van Gogh recognised more than 125 years ago that the sunflower is not only decorative but is also regarded as a symbol of love and hope worldwide. His legacy is his beautiful still life paintings of sunflowers.

Now everyone can enjoy Van Gogh's sunflowers in their own home. Takii, breeder of the 'Sunrich' sunflower, and the Van Gogh Museum have joined together to create the 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' quality label. Sunflowers which carry this label promise exceptional quality, and each one is a 'masterpiece' from the very best Dutch growers. These fresh flowers are sold as 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' in a rustic wrapper with a design inspired by Van Gogh's work, or florists can work them into a beautiful bouquet.

Vase with fifteen sunflowers (1889)
- Vincent van Gogh

Garden with sunflower (1887)
- Vincent van Gogh

Shed with sunflowers (1887)
- Vincent van Gogh

A floral masterpiece

Care advice

Sunflowers carrying the 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' quality label are known for their superior quality. Follow this care advice for your sunflowers to enjoy your own Van Gogh masterpiece for as long as possible.

  • Cut off the end of the sunflower stems diagonally using a clean knife
  • Remove excess leaves from the stem
  • Fill a clean vase with water at room temperature
  • Add a little cut flower food to the water
  • Sunflowers are thirsty flowers; top up the vase regularly
  • Do not place your 'masterpiece' in a draught or direct sunlight

Celebrate summer with 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite'

On Wednesday 21 June 2017 the Museumplein, one of Amsterdam's tourist attractions, took on the yellow colours of summer for two hours when 1000 tourists and passers-by were surprised with a 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' sunflower.

What better way to celebrate the start of astronomical summer than to receive a sunflower? This good-natured giveaway was an initiative of Takii, partner of the Van Gogh Museum, and was supported by FleuraMetz.

'Masterpieces' by growers

Like the master artist, specially selected Dutch sunflower growers give of their best every day and raise sunflowers into flowering plants with passion and love. Only the best is good enough, enabling you to enjoy fresh sunflowers for as long as possible in your home. To make these top-quality flowers instantly recognisable, they are awarded the 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' quality label.


Everyone can have a floral Van Gogh masterpiece in their home. Ask your local florist for 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite'- sunflowers.

As a florist, you can become a real flower artist by designing a magnificent summer bouquet featuring 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite'. The combination options with sunflowers are endless. This cheerful eye-catcher will bring a real feeling of summer to every bouquet. Create your own masterpiece with this timeless star.

Commercial orders

'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' is available for anyone to buy from good flower shops. European wholesalers and florists can obtain sunflowers with this quality label by ordering them from FleuraMetz flower wholesalers.

Partners of 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite'

Takii has been the official sunflower partner of the Van Gogh Museum since 2015. This partnership is a logical step; Takii is famous for its 'Sunrich Orange' F1, the world's leading ornamental sunflower variety, which perfectly complements the iconic sunflower series painted by Vincent van Gogh.

Following on from the sunflower maze created in September 2015 to mark the opening of the new entrance building to the Van Gogh Museum, we are now taking the partnership to a new level with the new 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' quality label.

In 2017, FleuraMetz joined as the distribution partner for this quality label. As a full-service partner for flowers, plants and accessories with many contacts among florists, FleuraMetz aligns perfectly with the objectives of the label. FleuraMetz, in collaboration with Takii, has developed a special 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' wrapping paper and other marketing concepts which add value to the fresh flowers.

For certain markets, FleuraMetz is working on this project with other flower wholesalers.

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The 'Sunrich - Van Gogh's Favorite' concept and quality label arose from a partnership between breeder Takii and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please e-mail us. For general information, visit the Van Gogh Museum and Takii websites.